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The Sseruyange Victor's Story

I was born in 1990 in a small town called Lwamata of Kiboga District in Uganda. That is the period Uganda had been hit by a killer disease HIV/AIDS and my home village was seriously affected. Thousands of people no matter the age perished due to HIV AIDS.

My parents left me in the hands of our grandmother when I was 4 years, this grandmother of mine was very poor and weak to an extent that she couldn't even hunt herself so I grew up on the Street, eating on garbage in order to survive, I really have a big testimony to give for God because he has brought me from far.

I gave my life to Christ when I was about 13 years being rescued by one man of God called Katende who was a priest in one small church in our village, by that time my grandmother had died of Hunger. He took me to his home and I became his own and I used to sing in a church choir and

it was from his home that I was spiritually morally and academically raised, I really give a big thank to him for the for the lower education level i managed to attain. It is from this background that i knew how terrible and hard life is when you don't have parents and just survive on streets, i came up with an idea of helping my brothers and sisters who are suffering out there and decided to put up an orphanage so i can rescue the kids.

I have now served God in this ministry since 2012.
Thank you, GOD BLESS YOU.