Who We Are

Victorious Children’s Foundation and Home comprise of HIV/AIDS affected, vulnerable street and orphaned children as well as the Elderly and disabled families. We identify the most vulnerable and nurture them for a brighter future. With the help of friends and relatives, we have successfully been able to help over 63 orphaned children who would otherwise have no hope for tomorrow.

At the moment, we provide Victorious Children with general welfare, and some are attending different schools already. We continue to solicit sponsorship for every child under our care and we make sure they have a good education, scholastic materials, clothes and medical care.

We also work with at-risk children. These are children that have been either street boys or girls (homeless) or children who, due to poverty or abuse, would not receive an education without outside assistance. Victorious Children's Foundation and Home helps in these cases and gives them the education that they deserve and in most cases would never receive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help restore the dignity of the Children God has entrusted us with;
Till every child has got a shoulder to lean on, food to eat, shelter to house them, clothes to wear, education for a future, and an environment to nurture them for godliness and communal responsibility.

Our Mission

To raise a God-fearing, purpose-driven generation.

Our Goals

To raise a God-fearing, purpose-driven generation.
To provide basic human needs, that's to say; food, shelter, medical care, clothing, education, and counseling.
To address the cause of the street kid problem.
Reducing a girl child school dropout. Elimination of early marriages.

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P.O. BOX 26927 Kampala - Uganda
Tel : + 256 708 289093
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